10 must-follow waste and recycling Twitter accounts

From mobile apps to fleet management software, the waste and recycling industry is slowly yet surely becoming more tech-focused. Included in this new focus is the adaption of social media — the immediate, efficient way to stay connected with the industry and the professionals driving it.

To help keep you up-to-date on the hottest topics, we've compiled a list of what we consider important Twitter accounts across the waste and recycling industry (aside from our own @WasteDive, of course). Be sure to follow these organizations and experts for relevant news, tips, and insight.

1. @AdamMinter

Followers: 8,597

Description: "Bloomberg View. Junkyard Planet. Expat Minnesotan. Viewpoint is mine."

Why follow: Minter's 2013 book Junkyard Planet offers an interesting and insightful look into the global recycling business — his tweets do the same. He is a frequent speaker and reporter on many topics regarding the trash trade business, and does not hold back when expressing viewpoints over social media.

2. @kabtweet

Followers: 6,034

Description: "Keep America Beautiful is the nation's leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustain vibrant communities."

Why follow: From conference coverage to quick facts, Keep America Beautiful uses its social media to educate followers on important developments in the domestic recycling industry, while encouraging innovation and eco-friendly practices.

3. @bewastewise

Followers: 1,330

Description: "Bridging the waste solutions expertise gap worldwide."

Why follow: be Waste Wise (bWW) seeks a "global dialogue" on waste management, and will tweet questions or share articles to engage followers and get a conversation going. bWW also conducts panels with leading experts to discuss buzzing topics, such as waste in developing countries and zero waste

4. @SustainBrands

Followers: 67.4K

Description: "News, Views, Events and Community surrounding the field of Sustainable Brand building."

Why follow: The shift to being a "sustainable brand" has been a key focus for many retailers, including Speedo, Adidas, and Dell. These shifts have impacted the waste and recycling industry in many ways, all which are highlighted by this Twitter account. Sustainable Brands explains the business value behind sustainability and gives tips on how to pursue an eco-friendly business.

5. @WasteShifter

Followers: 4,806

Description: "Here to help in our small way to transform the view of #Waste cost to #Resource savings. #Building a #CircularEconomy."

Why follow: Sometimes we need a bit of inspiration to push to new heights, and sometimes that inspiration comes from a Twitter account like Waste Shifter. This account tweets motivational messages, waste and recycling "#FunFacts," and links to unique stories so you'll always have a source of encouragement waiting in your Twitter feed.

6. @PlasticsNews

Followers: 12K

Description: "Crain Communications' international newspaper for the plastics industry."

Why follow: The decisions that are made in the plastics industry can have a direct affect on the recycling industry, and Plastics News is a crucial source to show relevancy of these impacts. Plastics News reports on plastic recycling companies, packaging, regulations, and other topics, and tweets links to their stories to keep you up-to-date.

7. @Lee_Ballin

Followers: 480

Description: "[email protected], Corporate Sustainability Opportunist, green daddy, landfill waste diverter & golf enthusiast. Views expressed are my own."

Why follow: Lee Ballin is a reporter for Bloomberg's Sustainability Group, covering all aspects of sustainability including the business of waste diversion and recycling innovation. As a sustainability manager, Ballin is an expert on the global supply chain, marketing, and consumer engagement.

8. @CalRecycle

Followers: 8,278

Description: "CalRecycle tweets to inspire & challenge Californians to achieve the highest waste reduction & recycling goals in the nation."

Why follow: You don't need to live in California to be inspired by the waste reduction efforts that are taking place in the state. As California aims to reach a statewide goal of 75% recycling by 2020, CalRecycle's Twitter account posts statistics, articles, and photos to explain how the state is achieving its goal day by day. 

9. @ColeRosengrenNY

Followers: 460

Description: "Environmental reporter, garbage enthusiast, Brooklynite, Mainer. [email protected]UNYJSchool."

Why follow: A self-proclaimed waste "enthusiast," Cole Rosengren is a City Limits reporter covering New York City's "Trash Challenge." Rosengren writes about garbage collection issues, waste exportation, composting efforts and more, all as the Big Apple struggles to control its growing amounts of trash.

10. @GuardianSustBiz

Followers: 123K

Description: "The global voice for cutting edge sustainability comment, debate and expert insight."

Why follow: With so much ingenuity happening in waste and recycling markets across the world, The Guardian's Sustainable Business Twitter account can help you stay relevant with global initiatives. The account posts story links and commentary from influential leaders from places like the UK and Latin America, while relating many topics back to the North American market.

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