ScrubCan uses recycled water to clean trash cans

Dive Brief:

  • In November 2014, brothers Corey and Phillip Jackson started ScrubCan in Fresno, CA, a business dubbed as a "mobile dishwasher" that cleans garbage cans. ScrubCan's truck heats water to 250 degrees, then shoots it through pressurized jets to sanitize the bins.
  • "It's a nasty job, but someone has to do it, right?," Corey asked KFSN while explaining that the dirty bins contain "maggots, flies, some of the worst smells you can imagine." Prices start at $17.95 a month for residences, which includes three cans.
  • The business is environmentally conscious in drought-stricken California, as it does not waste water. The truck catches, filters, and recycles the water, which comes from the City of Fresno's free recycled water yard.

Dive Insight:

Corey Jackson, a former high school football star, was inspired to start the business by his own nasty garbage cans. "I'd roll my cans out the night before trash day and I'd see neighbors walking their dogs and they'll go around my can," he told KFSN.

In addition to having an innovative business concept, the company's dedication to saving water in a drought is admirable. Conrad Braganza, the Wastewater Reclamation Coordinator in Fresno, told KFSN, "I thought Corey was innovative in his business idea. And he wanted to use the non-potable water, which I think is a great avenue."

ScrubCan now has repeat customers, and will hopefully begin to spread its business model outside of California. 

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Top image credit: ScrubCan