This is NOT Your Typical WASTECON

SWANA’s WASTECON® 2019 explores the Pathway to Innovation October 21-24

SWANA has re-engineered WASTECON into an executive leadership summit. WASTECON will be looking at leadership and management concepts through the lens of municipal solid waste management. 

WASTECON will provide a place for you to delve into leadership topics. Executives who want to lean into the pace of change, navigate disruption, and seize opportunities in our sector must be agile, innovative, and results-driven. You'll hear from leaders such as Jon Vander Ark, President of Republic Services, Inc., and Peter Wright Assistant Administrator of the EPA Office of Land and Emergency Management, and new voices like Rebecca Ryan, Resident Futurist at the Alliance for Innovation, and Taimur Burki, Waste and Recycling Manager at Intel, about how they're creating their own "Pathway to Innovation."

WASTECON provides dedicated time and a forum to talk about how to apply what you’re learning back at the office or solid waste site. Special team building activities and events will help the members of your team create authentic bonds.

Be sure to participate in these exciting events:

WASTECON® 2019 gives attendees the opportunity to not only learn new information, but also experience it all in one place. From networking events, to training and educational tours, WASTECON offers everything needed to succeed. Join SWANA in Phoenix, Arizona, October 21-24 to experience it all! For more information and to register, visit