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Job Description

Landfill Manager is responsible for overseeing all day to day landfill and / or transfer station operations.  This includes all maintenance, grading, waste placement, cover operations, litter control, leachate systems, gas system, storm water controls, surface water controls, perimeter controls, ingress and egress of all traffic, maintenance and repair of all facilities, and any such other item associated to the daily operation of the landfill unit.  This person is responsible for ensuring these items are in accordance with company policies, and local, state, and federal regulations through the supervision of sufficiently sized crews.  This person is responsible for ensuring that the crews follow company policies at all times.  This person is also expected to be skilled in the operation of heavy equipment and to operate equipment if necessary or to properly train operators.   This specific position is to oversee all operational aspects including budgeting, forecasting, business planning and P&L responsibilities. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Have full P&L responsibilities for facilities assigned.  Work on and prepare operating budgets for budget fiscal year.
  • Manage the operation of heavy, motorized equipment used in waste placement, compaction and covering operations and earth moving operations, including, but not limited to, front-end wheel loaders, water  tankers, dozers, ADT trucks, compactors, excavator, etc. and other equipment to support a variety of operations at WCA facilities.
  • Supervise operational and maintenance employees at the landfill ensuring their adherence to company policy, and state, local, and federal regulations.
  • May manage disposal operations of Class 1 non-hazardous Industrial and Special Waste.
  • May manage the solidification operations of liquid wastes prior to their disposal within the active waste filling operations.
  • May coordinate with 3rd Party operational staff of on-site “High-BTU” landfill gas plant and their management of landfill gas extraction wells and header system.
  • May manage leachate collection systems and storage operations.  Manage leachate disposal options including on-site methods and off site transportation and disposal.
  • May oversee the coordination of all transfer station upkeep and repair of facility structures and grounds; adherence with operational permits and authorizations; and implementation of regulatory compliance obligations
  • May conduct regular site review visits to the transfer station to ensure 3rd Party vendor is operating in compliance with the operational contract and all regulatory and permit requirements
  • May communicate with 3rd Party vendor contact at transfer station on operational issues.
  •  Maintain accurate logs and records and enter data in computer.
  •  Ensure adherence to safe work practices and procedures.
  •  Manage the maintenance of construction related landfill equipment using staff site mechanic and outside repair vendors.
  • Use hand-held mobile radio units to coordinate tasks and resources.
  • Coordinate facility structural and grounds maintenance with transfer station 3rd Party vendor.
  • Ensure environmental compliance is adhered to all available solid waste and environmental permits for the facility.
  • Report to the District Manager for the Oklahoma District on a daily basis all issues arising at the landfill and /or transfer station and carrying out any designed plans to rectify issues.
  • Manage the preventive maintenance program for all equipment as required by company policy and Equipment Maintenance Program.
  • Manage personnel assigned to facilities including supervisors, equipment operators, laborers, mechanic, clerical staff, etc.
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.




  •  High school diploma and college degree or longer landfill management experience



  •  Six (6) years of heavy equipment operation management and maintenance experience, and at least six (6) years of landfill management experience.

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