MET Announces New Patents for Ammonia FGD Advancements

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, March 11, 2019 | Marsulex Environmental Technologies Corporation (MET) has been granted two new US patents, building upon MET’s commercially-proven ammonium sulfate flue gas desulfurization technology (AS FGD). These new developments, together with the patented and proprietary AS FGD, provide further recognition of MET’s commitment to the continual innovation of its flagship technology. The new patents represent enhanced processes for the removal of acidic gases from emission sources and the generation of multiple high-value by-products. 

The first new MET patent is directed at the expanded use of ammonia as the reagent by a simple and cost effective method of removing hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from various ammonia sources. The gaseous hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans are stripped and collected, preventing the gases from release into the atmosphere. The invention delivers a process that enables users to avoid potentially expensive ammonia purification systems for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. 

Additionally, MET was granted a patent for a process that further enriches the AS FGD system, in which additional saleable by-products are generated from MET’s AS FGD system. From this new invention, multiple saleable fertilizers are produced as well as a valuable chloride solution or solid for various beneficial applications. “We are excited by both of these advancements that will assist a broader expansion of the AS FGD technology to the industrial and global markets,” said Amy Evans, MET’s Director of Technology. 

MET remains committed to being a full service air quality control company providing systems and services including OEM and upgrades to electric utilities, petrochemical and industrial customers. MET solutions include wet, dry and semi-dry FGD systems, dry sorbent injection for SO3 control, mercury control, fabric filter and electrostatic precipitator technologies. MET’s proprietary AS-FGD is a wet technology that produces high value ammonium sulfate fertilizer by-product. MET’s dry FGD technology offers a highly efficient, multi-pollutant approach to capture SOx, acid gas and metals. 

MET technologies successfully installed in over 22 countries across the globe, consistently meet or exceed clients’ regulatory requirements. MET’s EAS innovation is a new milestone supporting the company’s mission of providing clients with innovative solutions that achieve regulatory objectives while generating valuable commercial by-products. For further information, visit


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