Advanced Disposal opens $1.7M CNG station

Dive Brief:

  • Advanced Disposal has opened a $1.7 million CNG station at its Hartland, WI hauling plant.
  • There are currently 11 CNG trucks in use. As the diesel fleet reaches the end of usefulness, it will be replaced with more CNG vehicles.
  • Citing a commitment to a cleaner fleet and "a more sustainable Earth for future generations," Advanced Disposal CEO Richard Burke told Waste360 that the goal is to get the CNG fleet to 15% by the end of the year.

Dive Insight:

Advanced Disposal opened a $1.6 million CNG fueling station in September at its Macon, GA facility. It is planning to expand the fleet from its current 15 trucks. 

Many waste companies including Republic and Waste Management are leading the movement to CNG. "Our customers want a greener solution, so it's absolutely a greener solution," Waste Management CEO David Steiner said to Bloomberg Television, noting that the company now has 4,200 CNG trucks in its fleet. Drivers like the smooth ride and CNG saves on fuel costs. The only hurdle to widespread adoption is the cost associated with transitioning and the lack of a streamline distribution system.

But progress is being made. Waste Management built a natural gas filling station near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where taxis can fill up with natural gas.

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Top image credit: Advanced Disposal