Talkin' Trash: Quotes on bag bills, tipping fees and employing a 'forgotten' population

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In case you missed it: Thoughtful, newsworthy comments from industry professionals, consumers, and legislators.

"If we want the lowest cost, we’re going to continue throwing it in the landfill." 

— Stephen Simmons, a senior vice president at consulting firm Gershman, Brickner & Bratton (GBB), regarding how low regional tip fees are making it hard for waste conversion technologies, like anaerobic digestion, compete in some markets. GBB gave a detailed analysis on the risks and economic impacts of various conversion technologies during an informational event this week hosted by SWANA.  

"I understand the political process to pass a bill can require placating potential opposition but a 100 million dollar bonus to private companies is beyond the absurd."

— New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo in a statement regarding the city's proposed 5-cent bag fee that would have gone straight into the retailers' pockets. Cuomo signed a bill this week that delays the implementation of the fee until at least 2018. He also aims to develop a better plastic bag solution with the help of a statewide task force.


"...You can run a successful business with a population that is often forgotten."

— Homeboy Industries CEO Thomas Vozzo on hiring formerly incarcerated adults to staff various jobs in the Los Angeles area, as reported by Los Angeles Times. Homeboy, a nonprofit, recently acquired e-waste recycler Isidore Electronics Recycling for an undisclosed amount that was financed entirely by donations. 

"Claims made by other haulers that they are capable of managing any element of a very complex and diverse 24/7 operation are unrealistic and they’re not based on any relevant experience."

— Tim Oudman, market vice president with Republic Services, on other haulers' capabilities to collect waste and recycling in Las Vegas, as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Western Elite is advocating for the city to offer a public bid for a new collections contract, while Republic is pushing for a contract renewal


“Many people don’t realize that foam is recyclable. We encourage all residents to learn what can be recycled in their city."

— Dart Container Corp. Recycling Director Michael Westerfield in a statement regarding the company's announcement to open three new EPS drop-off centers, as reported by Plastics News. While Dart has found success in recycling expanded polystyrene products, many cities (and even states) are still working to ban or regulate the material.

“It is clear that not only what our environmental framework is post-Brexit matters, but also how it is enforced."

— Dr. Colin Church, CEO of Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CWIM), regarding a report that analyzes how Brexit could affect waste management in the U.K, as reported by Waste Management World. The report suggests that new restrictions or tariffs could greatly increase the costs of managing waste.


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