10 waste-related Twitter accounts to follow right now

While technology is helping the waste industry adapt to exciting innovations like robots and advanced sorters, it's also helping professionals stay more connected through mobile apps and social media. Last year, Waste Dive introduced our first list of 10 must-follow waste and recycling Twitter accounts and since then, our "following" list has continued to grow. 

This updated list of 10 waste-related Twitter accounts is full of informative, inspiring and often funny personalities to keep readers up-to-date on the latest waste news and analysis. (And, of course, don't forget to follow @WasteDive on Twitter as well.)


​Description: "Citizen activist. Rabble rousing optimist. Social entrepreneur. Eco policy wonk. Millennial commentator. Global explorer. Turning Green Cofounder. #ErinForUs"

Why you should follow: 25-year-old Erin Schrode, environmentalist and founder of Turning Green, made headlines earlier this year when she attempted to become the youngest woman elected to congress in U.S. history. Her election platform — which included a push for sustainability and responsible consumption — helped her promote her ideals as a waste-conscious social entrepreneur. While Schrode did not win the primary in June, she continues to educate her followers on waste-related issues in California and elsewhere.


@MrTrash Wheel

Description: "Official voice of the Water Wheel cleaning Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Likes tires but not broccoli. Part of @WaterfrontPB's Healthy Harbor Initiative."

Why you should follow: Mr. Trash Wheel is a Baltimore-based waste celebrity, known for "eating" trash that litters the city's Inner Harbor. Mr. Wheel tweets light-hearted and humorous reminders about the dangerous of marine pollution, often with entertaining videos, photos or gifs to keep followers coming back for more. 



​Description: "Advancing the opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. Listen up! The GreenBiz 350 podcast: https://www.greenbiz.com/350"

Why you should follow: GreenBiz covers sustainability, energy, supply chain and other environmental news, often relating to issues that affect the waste and recycling industry on a day-to-day basis. Their variety of coverage and frequent job listings keep followers on top of their industries while allowing them to take a peek at related sectors. 



Description: "Mission: fixing our relationship with electronics. Together, let's feel better and waste less. Host a #RestartParty or a pop-up at work"

Why you should follow: E-waste disposal continues to be a hotly debated topic across the waste industry, and a growing amount of electronics recyclers have come forward to defend consumers' "right to repair" devices. The Restart Project also supports this mission and informs its followers on the best practices to extend the uses of electronics, including repair hacks to keep devices out of the waste stream.



Description: "Adventurer, Activist, Humanitarian for a sustainable & just world. Host of Free Ride on Discovery Channel. Donates 100% of media income to grassroots nonprofits"

Why you should follow: Best known across the industry for his recent "Trash Me" mission, Rob Greenfield is a passionate activist who goes to the extreme to bring awareness to the biggest issues plaguing the waste world. When he's not walking around New York in a trash suit, Greenfield can be found dumpster diving, biking across the nation to plant gardens or making television appearances to promote waste reduction.



Description: "Changing the way we make, use, and throw away Stuff so that we have a happier and healthier planet."

Why you should follow: Every piece of waste has a story for how it was developed, used and disposed. Therefore, the Story of Stuff mission is to "inspire and encourage the civic engagement" of global communities to understand the story of their waste and be conscious of its journey from shelf to stream. 



Description: "Southerner turned Chicagoan turned Angeleno. Not all those who wander are lost. Garbageman. Reader of books."

Why you should follow: Spence Davenport is a process improvement manager at Athens Services who "evalutate[s], test[s] and implement[s] new processing procedures and equipment for municipal solid waste." On Twitter, Davenport keeps followers in-the-know on topics ranging from garbage mining to bag bans, while his experience living in various cities across the nation gives him a wide perspective of the industry as a whole. 



Description: "Consultant.Writer.Advocate. Waste/Recycling Industry, Local Government.Tweets my thoughts.RT's not endorsements. The only thing you can't recycle is wasted time"

Why you should follow: Michele Nestor is the president and owner of Nestor Resources, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in the economics and policies of solid waste management. Nestor touches on a range of topics from coal ash management to international trade, yet her experience working in local government in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area shines through much of her feed.



Description: "WasteExpo is North America’s largest solid waste, recycling, organics and sustainability tradeshow serving both the private and public sectors. Join us."

Why you should follow: Waste360's enormous trade show WasteExpo may only come around once a year, but its Twitter account stays active year-round to keep topics buzzing among conference attendees. WasteExpo's account encourages followers to engage in relevant discussions by posing questions, praising industry accomplishments and frequently retweeting unique waste perspectives.



Description: "@Food_Tank's Founder and President. Email me: [email protected] Join the fight for a better food system:http://ow.ly/CLtdU"

Why you should follow: While food waste has become what some would consider a global epidemic, Danielle Nierenberg has dedicated her career to creating relevant solutions for food waste reduction. As the founder and president of Food Tank, Neirenberg tweets about how everybody — from consumers to food manufacturers to waste professionals — can make changes in their personal lives or businesses to contribute to reduction goals.

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