Talkin' Trash with Waste Dive: What makes commercial franchising so complicated in NYC?

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In 2016, the waste industry was abuzz with discussions of bringing commercial waste franchising to New York City and Los Angeles. After many years of planning, the Los Angeles City Council recently voted to award 11 franchise zones to seven private companies. The requirements for receiving one of these 10-year contracts are among some of the strictest in the country and the industry will be watching closely as implementation begins this summer.

By comparison, New York's process is in a much earlier stage. In August 2016, the Department of Sanitation (DSNY), along with the Business Integrity Commission, released a study highlighting the benefits of establishing commercial waste collection zones. The potential to reduce truck traffic and resulting greenhouse gas emissions were among their main selling points. Though some local industry leaders aren't convinced that restricting the current open market system is the best move and advocate for an approach that will achieve the city's goals without a complete overhaul. Once the city's selection of a consultant is finalized, these details will be hashed out in the coming years.

To dig into the matter further, Waste Dive spoke with DSNY Commissioner Kathryn Garcia and New Yorkers for Responsible Waste Management Executive Director Kendall Christiansen to hear their ideas on how to move forward.

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