The Waste Dive Outlook on 2021

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Note from the editor

As the news cycle gets increasingly complicated, Waste Dive is here to help you follow the most essential storylines and go deeper with insight on major themes. Between M&A and competition news, ESG trends, moves by the new Biden administration, pent-up state policy ambitions, local government recovery efforts and ongoing pandemic effects there is a lot to keep track of these days. 
With so much going on, we stopped trying to make predictions a long time ago. Instead, Waste Dive started 2021 off by sharing the key questions our team is asking about the months ahead. We also took a look at where the complex federal policy landscape may be heading – when it comes to recycling, PFAS, environmental justice and more – and checked in on emerging fleet technology trends.
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Cole Rosengren Lead Editor

9 questions about the future of waste and recycling in 2021

Waste Dive will be focusing on trends around ESG, M&A, recycling policy, market development, PFAS, local budgets, collection technology, safety, diversity and much more.

• Published Jan. 13, 2021

Fleet tech forges ahead, but some bide time on higher-stake EV investments

The pandemic may have strained finances for some waste and recycling collectors looking to upgrade their operations. But falling costs and ESG pressures could boost EVs, routing software and more.

• Published Jan. 26, 2021 • Updated Jan. 27, 2021

Environmental efforts key for Biden, but industry expects limited recycling policy movement in 2021

While existing initiatives are likely to make headway, and Democratic majorities in Congress could affect certain legislation, trade groups don't anticipate major changes due to a crowded agenda.

• Published Jan. 20, 2021

The Waste Dive Outlook on 2021

Entering a second year of operating during a pandemic, the waste and recycling industry is poised to see further corporate traction on ESG goals, tech upgrades and M&A activity, as well as key policy developments from the Biden administration.

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  • 9 questions about the future of waste and recycling in 2021
  • How falling costs and ESG pressures could boost fleet tech
  • Why trade groups expect limited changes to recycling policy
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Davide Savenije Editor-in-Chief at Industry Dive.