Tracking ESG climate targets from US waste and recycling companies

Major industry companies are increasingly disclosing their greenhouse gas emissions and plans to mitigate their effects on the climate.
Danielle Ternes/Waste Dive

The U.S. waste and recycling industry may be at an inflection point in its evolution, as the risks and opportunities of climate change loom large over the decades ahead. Expectations around environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting have evolved at a rapid pace, leading many major public companies to take new steps in how they’re talking about these issues. The waste sector has recently seen a notable uptick in greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and details around its role in mitigating climate issues.

As this unfolds, Waste Dive is maintaining a tracker with the key targets, data and focus areas for every public company and any private companies that disclose an emissions inventory. This page will be updated with relevant environmental information from annual sustainability reports, and may grow to include new companies or parts of the industry in the future. We welcome your feedback on how to make this a useful resource via email at

Company Latest report release Topline GHG reduction target Third-party target verification, disclosures, reporting protocols