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    Deep Dive

    8 questions about the top trends shaping waste and recycling in 2022

    Waste Dive is watching how much longer heightened M&A activity lasts, what it will take to maintain the workforce in a tough market, where organics infrastructure is growing, what’s next for recycling and more.

    By , , Jan. 13, 2022
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    New Jersey passes ambitious recycled content bill, which now heads to governor for signature

    The bill sets incremental standards for minimum recycled content in beverage bottles, takeout bags and more. Supporters see the bill as a boon for regional recycling markets, but critics say it passed without adequate market analysis. 

    By Updated Jan. 12, 2022
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    RTS acquires Elytus, making it one of the industry's largest waste brokers

    The New York-based company has picked up an estimated 12,000 service locations and is going national with its biggest transaction to date. CEO Greg Lettieri shares how this fits into its growth plans for 2022.

    By Jan. 10, 2022
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    Omicron spread disrupts US waste and recycling operations as 2022 begins

    Unlike previous COVID-19 surges that struck more regionally, the latest wave appears to be wreaking havoc on staff availability across the country. Dallas and Detroit are among the latest cities affected.

    By Updated Jan. 7, 2022
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    We must invest in compost infrastructure to match growing demand for sustainable products

    Jessica Bowman, executive director of the Plant Based Products Council, points to new consumer survey data as another reason to evolve materials management options and pass the national COMPOST Act.

    By Jessica Bowman • Jan. 5, 2022
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    Retrieved from Western Placer Waste Management Authority on January 04, 2022
    Deep Dive

    FCC Environmental poised to win mixed waste MRF contract as California adapts to organics law

    Placer County has become a microcosm of how jurisdictions are preparing for major changes under California's SB 1383 organics recycling regulations. FCC recently won out over GreenWaste, Recology-affiliated Nortech and others.

    By Updated Jan. 6, 2022
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    With $45M Closed Loop deal, Sims Municipal Recycling to expand and compete for more contracts

    The pending sale of a stake in the Australian scrap giant's U.S. curbside recycling division is called a "game-changer" as the company aims to pursue more municipal contracts and make new products from the recycled material.

    By Jan. 4, 2022
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    EPA action and US recycling policy during Biden's 1st year in office

    2021 brought a new EPA administrator, a nominee to lead the agency's waste efforts that is vocal on PFAS and environmental justice, the long-anticipated National Recycling Strategy and recycling funds in the infrastructure package.

    Dec. 23, 2021
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    How the pandemic impacted waste and recycling workforces in 2021

    The arrival of vaccines brought new considerations for employees and employers, while shifts in the broader U.S. workforce created new challenges for hiring and retention.

    Dec. 23, 2021
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    By the numbers: 2021's waste and recycling trends

    Take a look back through the key data points that shaped the conversations around some of the top issues — M&A, ESG, policy and workforce challenges — in an eventful year.

    By , , Dec. 23, 2021
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    Roundup: Waste Dive's 2021 Q&A's with waste and recycling leaders

    From Waste Management's first chief sustainability officer to the Biden administration's pick to lead U.S. EPA waste policy, look back on the year's conversations with execs, authors, investors, entrepreneurs and regulators.

    Dec. 22, 2021
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    Dual-stream recycling proponents feel vindicated after converted communities see financial benefits

    Recent years of commodity market turbulence emphasized the value of clean material. Now, recycling program managers in Pennsylvania, Florida and elsewhere are touting results from ditching the common single-stream system.

    By Jacob Wallace • Dec. 15, 2021
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    Reuse rebounds: National Zero Waste Conference highlights policy potential in 2022

    After early coronavirus fears halted many reuse efforts, year two of the pandemic saw new investments in reuse systems and a desire to circumvent supply chain disruptions in disposable packaging.

    By , Dec. 13, 2021
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    Chemical recycling leaders tout circular economy role at SERDC meeting

    PureCycle and Eastman said planned expansions in the Southeast will boost recycling and reduce virgin plastic use, but policy discussions and environmentalists' concerns may impact the technology's future.

    By Dec. 10, 2021
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    New York sanitation experts urge incoming mayor to rethink, modernize collection system

    The city's sidewalks are infamous for their mountains of garbage bags and rodents. A new "Put Waste to Work" campaign says containerization, route optimization and organics collection should be top priorities.

    By Updated Dec. 6, 2021
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    Photo illustration by Adeline Kon/Waste Dive; photograph from Daisy-Daisy via Getty Images via Getty Images

    City Haul: How leaders navigate turbulent recycling narratives

    Market changes in recent years created new challenges and opportunities for cities seeking to encourage good recycling habits among residents. City leaders and industry experts share how they're approaching the issue.

    By Dec. 1, 2021
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    Industry Dive/Waste Dive

    As circular economy momentum builds, Rheaply seeks to grow reuse connections

    With new funding and award recognition, the Chicago-based startup's goals include quantifying the savings from reuse and having more large enterprises adopt its platform.

    By Nov. 29, 2021
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    Tracking the waste and recycling industry's M&A boom

    Keep up with the latest acquisitions, including Rubicon's newly announced purchase of software company CIVIX.

    By Updated Jan. 13, 2022
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    The EPA wants to fix US recycling. Start by making it simpler.

    Geoff Freeman, who leads the Consumer Brands Association, makes the case that standardizing definitions is key to improving both packaging design and education to reduce contamination.

    By Geoff Freeman • Nov. 19, 2021
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    Plastic resin buyers struggle with high prices and short supply

    Businesses have stockpiled product, used fewer materials and bolstered internal manufacturing to cope in a tight market.

    By Meena Thiruvengadam • Nov. 18, 2021
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    Q&A // Biden's waste and recycling priorities

    Incoming EPA assistant administrator touts 'back to basics' approach to climate change, circular economy

    Carlton Waterhouse, nominee to lead the Office of Land and Emergency Management, says the EPA will tackle its 2030 recycling goals by focusing more on source reduction and funding materials management infrastructure.

    By Nov. 18, 2021
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    NYC commercial waste reform

    New York aims to launch commercial waste zones in 2022, sector's largest change in decades

    A long-anticipated RFP kicks off a process that could see coveted 10-year contracts awarded by next summer. Fifty companies have qualified to bid, including Waste Management, Waste Connections and Action Environmental.

    By Nov. 17, 2021
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    Biden's waste and recycling priorities

    EPA's 2030 recycling strategy turns focus to circular economy and environmental justice

    The long-awaited master plan focuses on steps to achieve a 50% recycling rate by 2030, but regulators promise it's just "part one" of a larger effort to tackle climate change on a higher level, and more details will follow.

    By Updated Nov. 16, 2021
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    Aluminum can recyclers call for federal and state 'bottle bills' to hit 2030 target

    The Can Manufacturers Institute recently announced that it will lobby for container deposit laws at the state and federal levels to bring UBC recycling rates up to 70% by 2030.

    By Nov. 15, 2021
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    How US recycling programs make it work from coast to coast

    Professionals working in multifamily city buildings, drop-off sites in tribal nations and programs in more isolated island areas weigh in on what's working, and what's still challenging, when it comes to recycling in 2021.

    By , , Nov. 15, 2021