Panel Built, Inc. Scale Houses Provide a Comfortable Work Environment in a Fraction of the Time

Panel Built, Inc., a modular construction company, now provides prefabricated scale houses that provide scale operators with a calm, comfortable environment to work in.  Thanks to Panel Built’s panelized wall system, the scale houses can be designed and engineered to 100% meet customer specifications.   However, since the buildings are fabricated in one of our modular construction facilities, the buildings are quickly and easily installed on site. 

The pre-assembled version of Panel Built’s scale houses are constructed atop a forkliftable steel base, allowing the building to be easily transported after being delivered to the site.  Once on site, the building only needs to be moved to its final location, unwrapped, anchored into the concrete pad, have pre-packaged HVAC system installed, and hooked up to an electrical source.  At this point, the building should be ready for use. In some cases, pre-assembled scale houses can have dimensions that make shipping impossible.  In this scenario, the scale houses are delivered in a “knock down” state and assembled on site.

Overall, Panel Built prefabricated buildings provide a quick, comfortable, and durable space solution for your scale house needs.  With over 20 years experience in the modular construction industry, Panel Built, Inc. has the experience and know how to get the job done right.  Panel Built works with their dealers and end customers to ensure their structures fits their needs perfectly.