Panel Built, Inc.’s Prefabricated Storage Buildings Offer Instant Equipment Protection

Posted May 03, 2019

Panel Built, Inc., a modular construction company that specializes in modular offices, mezzanines, and prefabricated guard booths, also offers a full line of prefabricated storage buildings.  Similar to Panel Built’s prefabricated guard houses, the prefab storage buildings utilize Panel Built’s unique panelized wall system to create a variety of storage room iterations. The modular systems can be designed in two types: pre-assembled and ‘knock down.’  The pre-assembled version of the storage buildings are erected entirely at one of Panel Built’s state-of-the-art modular construction facilities.  The building is shipped to the job site and from there only needs to be hooked up to a power source (if necessary) and anchored into the ground, then it is ready to go.  In knock-down form, the building is shipped disassembled and then installed on-site.  This type of design can be especially useful if the buildings are located in difficult to reach areas.

Panel Built prefab storage buildings are custom fabricated to customer specifications.  Oftentimes, the buildings are equipped with a roll-up door in order to provide easy transfer of equipment into and out of the building.  The structures are fabricated from a 3” thick composite sandwich panel that consists of two steel skins on each side and a polystyrene core.  This panel provides the building with a higher R-Value than most other prefab storage buildings on the market and allows for the building to stand up to harsh weather conditions. 

Panel Built, Inc. has nearly a quarter of a century’s experience in the modular construction industry.  Although Panel Built is most well known for their core of modular offices, mezzanines, and guard booths, their panelized wall system offers a wide range of solutions in sectors ranging from military to education to medical and more.  Panel Built’s mission is to Solve Their Customers’ Space Needs With Excellence and Great Customer Service.