Encina Promotes Carlo Badiola to Senior Vice President of Engineering & Technology

Posted Mar 16, 2020

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Encina Development Group, LLC (“Encina”), a company that processes plastic waste to create renewable chemicals and renewable fuels, announced the promotion of Carlo Badiola to Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology. In his expanded role, Mr. Badiola will lead Encina’s team in engineering design, technology development and implementation, operations and maintenance, and continuous asset value improvement.

“Carlo has been a key part of our success, and we are thrilled to promote him to this important position,” said David Schwedel, Founder & Executive Director of Encina. “Carlo will play a central role in helping drive the technology and development of Encina’s renewable chemical and renewable fuel facilities on a global basis.”

“Over the past few years, I have become more and more excited about the global opportunity that Encina has in front of us. We have an industry-changing technology, which has evolved to become a defining moment for managing the plastics-waste problem around the world,” said Carlo Badiola. “Being a part of the solution to increase efficiency and capacity for plastics recycling, and working with our Encina team to make recycling happen is what motivates each of us in the Encina team.”

Mr. Badiola joined Encina in 2017 as Director of Technology and Engineering, and quickly rose to senior management positions. He previously served as a technical expert for the ExxonMobil Corporation with a focus on pyrolysis steam cracking, field operations, and commodity product optimization. He provided leadership to commercialize novel technology concepts into ExxonMobil’s pyrolysis steam cracking fleet. His work optimized bottom-line results in chemical processing facilities through improved fleet availability and enhanced performance.

Mr. Badiola holds B.S. degrees in both Mechanical and Chemical Engineering as well as an M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering, all from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has also completed extensive prior research in the areas of high temperature combustion, metallurgy and material characterization. He has authored several publications related to combustion science and material synthesis.

About Encina

Encina implements solutions to produce renewable chemicals and renewable fuels from waste plastics in the circular economy. Encina’s advanced and proprietary technology converts mixed plastic wastes into a traceable, renewable source of industrial base chemicals & fuels. The company is committed to resolving one of today and tomorrow’s greatest environmental challenges.