On Line Compliance Training - Now More Than Ever

Posted Mar 17, 2020

As we deal with the impact of the Corona virus and work more remotely, the ability to maintain compliance and perform the required mandatory training necissitates that we do so without meetings or large gatherings.  At our online training allows the employee to work from his or her desk, listen to the tutorial, take a quiz and if they pass automatically obtain the required certificate of compliance.  These programs include OSHA, DOT, HIPAA, diversity training, sexual harrassment and just about anything else you need.  Additionally we offer templates to develop safety plans, IIPP's, SDS libraries, and all OSHA compliant forms.

WIth more than 50 years of collective experience our team can provide you with all you need to comply with all applicable regulations in a manner that keeps you and your employees safe and your company in compliance.  We're happy to offer online demonstrations of the program at your convenience.  For more information please see the contact information below.  And remember, Compliance Doesn't Have to be Difficult!

Bob Spurgin

[email protected]