Johnny Jaws Offers Right-Sized Solution for Waste Haulers

March 19, 2020

PITTSBURGH, PA – March 20,2020: The jump from running rear-load trucks to front-load trucks is a necessary step for small, independent haulers but it requires a significant investment in trucks and containers. For haulers in the middle of this transition, it can feel like the costs and complications pile up. What if you could convert a front-loading truck to safely and efficiently empty rear-load cans? Johnny Jaws offers fleet flexibility and a right-sized solution for waste haulers looking to expand their fleet without buying new or modifying current containers.

"When I first saw Johnny Jaws in operation I said, 'No way in hell!' Coming up on four years in operation every day, Johnny Jaws has over-delivered on its promise to save time and money! I am now training my fourth driver on its use, and the bonus is how fast even an inexperienced or no-experience commercial refuse truck operator can be up to speed and servicing their routes. Saves lots of overtime as well!" says Ryan, the Chief Mechanic at Giordano Recycling.

Johnny Jaws is a patented system that installs on front-load trucks at your location in less than one day, combines front- and rear-load routes, and earns a return on your investment in under four months. This pneumatic-powered device requires no modifications to current containers or your truck, body, or fork assembly. Trucks using Johnny Jaws can dump one- to four-cubic yard rear-load containers and any front-load containers without impediment.

Haulers that use Johnny Jaws report improved safety (only one person is needed to operate the truck and Johnny Jaws system) and money savings by improving route efficiency (one truck can pick up both front- and rear-load containers) and labor savings by reducing the number of people needed to run a route. Haulers are also able to take a rear-loading truck out of service for preventative maintenance without impacting routes.

According to Brian Giordano, Owner of Giordano Recycling, the financial benefit is clear: "It's been coming up on a year since we first installed Johnny Jaws on one of our front-loaders. We have been continuously pounding it on both our mixed- and rear-load can routes, servicing every kind of refuse out here in Jersey. It's paid for itself many times over, plus saved us a huge amount of time and overtime.” Billy Walton, Owner of Riverside Waste Services, agrees: “The best way I know how to pick up all my rear-load cans and save a pile of money is with Johnny Jaws. I’ve been for this kind of thing for years!”

You don’t have to wait years for an affordable, right-sized solution for optimizing your routes. For a limited time, Johnny Jaws is pleased to extend a $499.99 discount to Waste Dive readers. Simply call 412-853-8008 or email for a consultation and mention “Waste Dive.”

Johnny Jaws makes the world’s first rear load container attachment that has been refined over seven years by inventor John Townsend and his team of partner engineers. Installation requires no retrofitting of your truck and they help maximize your company’s uptime by having the install done on location when the truck is in the yard between routes. Visit and stop by the Johnny Jaws booth 4468 at Waste Expo.