EnviroBIN™ Sub-Surface Containers Revolutionize Solid Waste Planning for Architect & Design Firms

Posted Mar 20, 2020

Binova Group, a solid waste disrupter based in Knoxville, TN, is helping the Architect & Design community integrate the EnviroBIN™ Semi-Subsurface Waste Container into building and site plans nationwide. “The EnviroBIN™ changes everything that A&D firms ever thought about solid waste - eliminating enclosures and solving site planning, odor, and rodent problems once for all!” said Tyler Smith, Binova’s Director of Innovation.  “The response has been deafening!”  Smith added that “this product is the most unique solid waste solution introduced in over 70 years.”

While site plans for solid waste often consists of an expensive enclosure, gates, and other security & eyesore-reducing measures, the EnviroBIN unit provides an easy solution which is very user-friendly. Aesthetically attractive and compact, it allows placement almost anywhere on a site plan, and often adds room for 1 to 3 more parking spaces.  Many municipalities have now waived enclosure requirements, which in turn allows the design of safe and open waste areas, which eliminate illegal dumping and crime. 

EnviroBIN Subsurface units store about half of the waste underground in the “hold”, which fits into a pre-installed ground sleeve, and which reduces odors by up to 90%.  Every EnviroBIN™ is manufactured out of a thick polyethylene resin blend, and does not leak, leach, or rust. By design, they are much more attractive than steel dumpsters used by most haulers today but can be emptied with the same standard front-end loaders (FELs) used across the industry.

Binova offers AIA-Accredited training programs, built to educate architects and planners on how to utilize and plan sites for this whole new approach to solid waste.  “A&D folks love our learning programs,” says Clint Hinkle, Binova’s National Training Director, “and many tell us they have never seen anything like it.  They absolutely love the new solution to an old problem.”  Hinkle when on to say that the company offers Brunch & Learns, Lunch & Learns, and Snack & Learns…due to demand for the training. Although it is emerging technology, there are already over 1000 EnviroBIN units installed in the U.S. and Canada.

Binova recommends the EnviroBIN to beautify and simplify the waste areas for all types of retail centers, restaurants, convenience stores, multi-resident living communities, and any other property where waste is in close proximity to customers.  “We have companies like McDonald’s, Avison Young, Tim Horton’s, and many universities share that this is an absolute game-changer” said Sean Bowyer, Binova Group’s CEO.

About Binova Group

Binova Group was started by five innovators with one determination: to change the way the world deals with waste. Out of this alliance has come a plethora of truly innovative products. The company continues its work on multiple fronts, including safety, odor control, noise reduction, and recycling.

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