Amidst Conference Cancellations, Recyclist Opens Virtual Exhibit Booth

Posted Mar 22, 2020

Mini-Demos Show Expansion of Recyclist Platform to Include Recordkeeping and Reporting for SB 1383 and State/Local Mandatory Recycling Ordinances Nationwide

As spring conferences for the solid waste and recycling industry have been canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Recyclist is announcing a new opportunity for municipalities, waste haulers and other organizations to connect and learn about the company’s cloud-based solutions. 

According to Recyclist’s founder, Emily Coven, “When you’re brand-new to an industry -- as we were not too long ago -- and you have brand-new ideas about how to manage complex processes, it can be really challenging to explain your product. In-person interactions at conferences have always helped us to bridge that gap. I love the ‘aha’ moment that comes when someone suddenly really sees the power of a data-management solution designed exactly for their needs. Or when they can really envision the impact of state-of-the-art digital communications.”

In order to recreate that eye-opening, introductory experience, Recyclist invites solid waste and recycling program managers to stop by the virtual exhibit booth at


Recyclist Expanding Into SB 1383 and State/Local Ordinances Nationwide 

The Recyclist Program Tracker has proven both widely and wildly successful. The cloud-based software is designed to track commercial and multi-family waste diversion, coordinate outreach, and monitor compliance with regulations such as California’s mandatory commercial recycling and organics laws, AB 341 and AB 1826. 

With the advent of SB 1383, California’s short-lived climate pollutant law, the software is now evolving into a comprehensive solution for all of the new jurisdictional recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Recyclist has already released a number of SB 1383-related features that are enabling their California customers to get ahead of the game. New SB 1383 features will continue to be released throughout 2020. 

The Program Tracker also can now accommodate data management for a wide range of local and state ordinances nationwide, especially those related to mandatory recycling or organics diversion. A full summary of Program Tracker features can be found on the Recyclist website:

Recyclist is deeply committed to providing time-saving products and outstanding personalized service. In the words of the City of Vacaville Recycling Program Coordinator Samantha Brown, “It's been a life-saver. … Recyclist has helped to streamline our outreach and gives me all the data I need (and then some) at the click of a button.” SCS Engineers Sustainable Materials Management Specialist Lisa Coelho, who has used the Program Tracker for a number of SCS consulting projects including with the City of Alameda, reports, “I cannot say enough about what a difference Recyclist makes in our technical assistance work, data management, progress updates and annual reporting. ... I have never met a team more willing to customize a product to their client's needs.”


Digital Communications for the 21st Century

In addition to the Program Tracker, Recyclist creates websites and online recycling guides for municipal solid waste programs, such as These are turn-key, customizable platforms for reaching residents with accurate, up-to-date information. Recyclist eliminates long, painful lists of what can and cannot be recycled, instead providing residents a mobile-friendly, search-engine-optimized, easy-to-use interface. Between the National Sword and this current wave of unexpected program changes, keeping the public informed and engaged has never been more important.


How do I visit Recyclist’s virtual exhibit booth?

Recyclist invites industry colleagues to visit  to schedule a casual, 15-minute, one-on-one conversation, just as you’d expect at an exhibit booth. Because so many of us are working from home and juggling odd schedules, the virtual exhibit booth will be available for extended hours. Time slots can be booked with as little as one hour’s notice.

Recyclist is still offering full one-hour software demos Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST. These demos are designed for individuals or entire teams to view webinar-style. Demo requests can be booked at by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.


About Recyclist

Recyclist creates cloud-based solutions that make solid waste program management easy. The triple-bottom-line company designs software to empower people with the information they need to move our world toward a more sustainable future. Recyclist’s Software as a Service products — used by cities, counties, waste management authorities and haulers — provide new visibility into waste stream data, innovative ways to track commercial outreach and compliance and state-of-the-art digital recycling education for residents. Based in Truckee, California, the company is certified as both a SB (Small Business) and a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise).