PitBUL™ Automatic Bar Locks from Binova Keep Drivers Safe & Prevent Illegal Dumping Liability

Posted Mar 24, 2020

Binova Group, a waste disrupter based in Knoxville, TN, continues to lead the Solid Waste industry in ground-breaking products that promote driver and client safety.  The PitBUL™ Automatic Bar Lock is a patented dumpster lock which mounts easily on any front-load dumpster.  The gravity operated spring mechanism only releases when the dumpster is tilted for dumping, and when complete, automatically springs back into position. 

Solid waste is one of the most dangerous industries globally, and PitBUL™ Locks are used on thousands of dumpsters nationwide to protect drivers. PitBUL™- guarded dumpsters mean that drivers do not have get out of the truck to unlock and relock the dumpster.  Time loss, truck wear and tear, and truck egress injuries are all reduced with the automatic lock bar.

Illegal dumping is also a huge issue in some areas as well, including toxic chemicals and batteries, criminal waste, and more.  In addition to protecting clients from liability, PitBUL Locks also provide protection for haulers as well.  They also lower the total amount of waste across the board, by ensuring that the only the dumpster owner has access.

Every PitBUL™ Automatic Bar Lock is manufactured in America using special hardened steel, an incredibly durable acrylic coating, and comes fully assembled for bolt or weld-on installation.  PitBUL’s™ work well with side load and front load dumpsters and are available in both Heavy-Duty and Super-Duty configurations for slant and straight top dumpsters.

Binova recommends a PitBUL™ Automatic Bar Lock on nearly every type of front-load dumpster, to prevent illicit activity.  Many major restaurant chains, housing sites, medical facilities, retail shopping sites, and so much more depending on this product to keep them secure.

About Binova Group

Binova Group was started by five innovators with one determination: to change the way the world deals with waste. Out of this alliance has come a plethora of truly innovative products, including the revolutionary EnviroBIN Subsurface Waste Container System, and the EnviroBIN Metro – the newest innovations in solid waste handling in nearly a century. The company continues its work on multiple fronts, including safety, odor control, noise reduction, and recycling.

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