ScrapWare Announces Innovative New Electronic Signature Solution, ScrapScribe™

July 02, 2020
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Customers & Vendors Gain Enhanced Efficiency, Security & Flexibility

Rockville, Maryland – July 1, 2020 – ScrapWare Corporation, a leading software provider to the scrap metal recycling industry, has announced the release of ScrapScribe™, a robust new proprietary e-signature solution. ScrapScribe™ improves experiences for customers and vendors by streamlining business processes, reducing errors, and removing bottlenecks while simultaneously enhancing security and flexibility.

ScrapWare partnered with DocuSign, the national leader in the e-signature arena, to produce the ScrapScribe™ system for the recycling industry. ScrapScribe™ enables users to seamlessly send ScrapWare documents to DocuSign for signature, including dispatch tickets, purchase quotes, purchase contracts, packing lists, and more. Robust and feature-rich, ScrapScribe™ allows documents to be easily be viewed on any device and printed out when necessary.

ScrapScribe™ is designed to reduce the costs and risks for recycling organizations that heretofore have continued to rely on paper-based signatures. These physical documents are fragile, destructible, and can easily be misplaced. Human errors occur frequently and they are prone to being illegible. ScrapScribe™ mitigates these perils by allowing users to sign paperwork digitally. In addition, e-signature solutions have been shown to increase business compliance, improve efficiency, and create a better overall experience for vendors and customers.

 “It has always been ScrapWare’s goal to deliver software solutions that simplify processes and reduce costs for our customers,” said company founder and president, Joe Floam. “Within the scrap metal recycling market, we saw an opportunity to improve our service offerings through the addition of a feature-rich e-signature solution. We partnered with renowned industry-leader DocuSign to create ScrapSribe™, and we are confident that it’s the best e-signature solution available to meet the unique needs of the recycling industry.”

About ScrapWare Corporation: Based in Rockville, Maryland, ScrapWare has been providing visionary software solutions to the scrap metal recycling industry for over 30 years. The company uses an Oracle database to provide a cloud-based software solution to manage all aspects of the recycling business.  With numerous modules, extensive technical support, remote installation, and online training, ScrapWare helps recycling companies improve their compliance, efficiency, and profitability. For more information, please visit ScrapWare’s website or call 301-517-8500.