Nantucket Request for Expressions of Interest in Solid Waste Management

January 06, 2021

The Town of Nantucket has issued a Request for Expressions of Interest in Solid Waste Management for Nantucket Island (RFEI). The RFEI requests responses from firms that might provide any of the following services starting as of December 1, 2025:

1. Contract operations of the existing Composter facility, MRF or other Town solid waste management facilities

2. Full-service development of a facility on land leased from the Town to process organic components of MSW, sewage sludge, Composter residuals or other solid wastes, using technology chosen and provided by the respondent.

3. Support for elements of developing and operating a new system to transfer, haul and ship MSW from Nantucket to the Mainland.

4. Accept either MSW or baled residuals from the Composter for processing and disposal at a properly permitted facility on the mainland.

The RFEI is now posted through Bid Postings on the Procurement Page on the Town website, which is accessible at this link:

Respondents need to register with the Town to get access to the RFEI documents. Registration is free. Registrants will also be added to a group list to receive notification emails whenever a document is added to the website or there is another important announcement related to the RFEI.

An on-line Zoom briefing session regarding the RFEI will be held on January 14, 2021. A zoom link will be sent to those that register.