ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One – The World’s Most Advanced Waste Recycling Management Software

March 18, 2021
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ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One – The World’s Most Advanced Waste Recycling Management Software

March 2021

The Strategic Partnership

In 2018, ISB Global entered a strategic partnership with Rumpke Waste & Recycling, launching an implementation of ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One, integrated with SAP S/4 HANA.

The Rumpke family has operated one of America’s largest waste and recycling companies for almost 100 years providing residential and commercial waste and recycling services to the Mid-West. No other waste collection provider has as many customer focused offerings as Rumpke or provides their range of services.

The collaborative project represents a software technology evolution for the Waste, Recycling, Sustainable Business and Environmental Sector. Read the full and extended articles here.

ISB Global

ISB Global is head quartered in London, UK and is an OutSystems, SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner. Established in 1998 and becoming an SAP Partner in 2005, ISB Global initially developed Waste & Recycling One within the framework of SAP Business One, SAP’s small to mid-size (SME) Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) product.

ISB Global follow the Gartner Bi-Modal Application Strategy. Mode 1 is digital core (SAP/ERP), Mode 2 is Low Code (aPaaS/OutSystems). Waste and Recycling One is developed and deployed on OutSystems and integrates with ERP.

Working together, the teams have now refactored 15 years of ISB Global’s expertise and industry software best practice onto the OutSystems platform, integrated to SAP S/4 HANA ERP in record time. The refreshed waste and materials business processes are designed to suit both large and small enterprises. And offer the unique ability to use data from any integrated source to build applications within the platform, facilitating greater control and rapid digital transformation to power the progress to a circular economy and sustainable business operations.

Waste & Recycling One – A Digital Evolution

Waste & Recycling One has been refactored on the low code, multi experience development platform, OutSystems. There are many benefits to the application, functional suite and technical architecture, hailing a ‘evolution’ for the industry.

Waste & Recycling One delivers a set of global standardised modules for waste logistics and recycling materials operations. The low code platform allows quick, visual development of apps, new workflows, and user experience on mobile, web and any integrated equipment. The architecture delivers security and scalability, connectivity and as engineered, integration with anything - IoT, legacy, ERP or SAP. The use of new and emerging technologies is readily embedded, and the platform is available to develop on easily using existing or new data sources, taking ownership and managing control of digital transformation. All in standard formats with no ‘lock-in’ and platform independence if necessary.

As a continuing alliance, Rumpke Waste & Recycling and ISB Global see the investment into best-in-class-standards and processes to benefit the industry as a whole. And which will drive sustainable advance to aid people, performance and planet. Rumpke look forward to launching the product, driving growth and continual improvement. ISB Global, continue to be the vanguard for software technology in the waste and recycling industry, simplifying operations, enhancing performance and supporting the transition to the circular economy.

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